Hey again!

Back to basic kneads, pardon the pun. I can live on parathas any day – plain, alu, paneer, cheese, palak, methi, mooli, just name it and I love it.

You can too, I know. It will take a wee bit of time for you to get to paneer and cheese parathas which seem to be the love of your life… you can start with the humble plain paratha.

Plain Paratha

  • 2 cups Atta (whole wheat flour, you can use refined flour if atta is unavailable, but it’s just not the same!)
  • Water
  • Salt to taste
  • 1 tsp Red chilli powder
  • Butter/ ghee/ oil for frying

Making the Dough

Make the dough as in case of rotis, except that you need to mix the salt and red chilli powder to the flour/ atta before you start to knead. Paratha dough needs to be even softer (without being too watery, needless to say) than the dough for rotis.

Making the Paratha

Make a lemon-sized ball and roll it out into a thin disc, but not as big as the roti size – say less than half the diameter of the size of a roti. Spread a little oil evenly on the side that faces up. Now fold the disc into half, and then half again. The dough should now look like a quadrant (pardon the maths).

Now roll it out again, maintaining the shape – you will end up with something close to a triangle. Next:

  • Heat the tawa/griddle and place the rolled out paratha gently on it. The side which is down should not cook too much. The gas should be on sim. Turn it over as soon as the colour changes a bit.
  • The second side should cook more – you can turn the gas up and/or press the paratha gently with a spatula.
  • Put 1-2 tsp of oil around the edges of the paratha. Fry till both sides develop brown spots and you get the typical ‘paratha’ aroma. Ideally, it should be done in ghee or butter.

Have plain or with anda curryphoolkopi bhaja, potato fry, or just egg bhurji.


You can add ajwain (caraway seeds), kalonji (nigella seeds) or any dry spice you like on top of the paratha during the final steps of rolling it out.

If you want sweet paratha, you can mix some sugar with a bit of plain whipped cream and add that while frying.

Have fun and send pics…