Cookbook for the Kook

Easy Indian cooking for my son, and other culinarily challenged beings


I never felt the need to cook till I got married, at which point I realised neither Sudie (my hubby) nor I could cook! The only way we survived those years was by begging, borrowing and stealing food from our respective families and friends. And by enlisting the help of Rohini Singh’s (bless her!) magnificent book titled “The Foolproof Cookbook for Brides, Bachelors and Those Who Hate Cooking”.

When I asked my mom asked me to put jeera ka tadka in moong dal, I would ask “What’s jeera? Show me!” When my ma-in-law asked me to make dough for the atta… well, I’d better not even start on that story… !

Basically, what your average, self respecting cook knows, was uncharted territory for me.  Years later, when my son and Sudie had to do stints abroad, I realised they were in the same boat. Hence, this blog – to help all those who like eating decent home food and not roadside junk, on a day to day basis.

And occasionally (and only occasionally!) perhaps something slightly, just slightly, out of the ordinary – a sumptuous biryani, a sinful plate of pakoras, some firebrand dum aloo, or perhaps an orange tea cake… I’m already hungry – gotta go eat eat now!